About us

Who we are

vortexapp is a growing leader in the domaine of IT and it's headquarter is located in Canada.
Technology is growing at a fast pace that is why vortexapp focuses on developping websites and mobile applications which are at the cutting edge of the technology. This will help businesses to keep up with the trends and be ahead of the competition.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide a complete solution of IT services to african businesses or individuals at an affordable price. In addition, we focus on having an exceptional customer services and on modernizing business activities.

Our vision

Our vision or our goal is to become the leading provider of IT services in Africa and all around the world. vortexapp will be serving clients all across Africa and others continents making the name of our company a valuable asset.

Backed by Experts 24/7

Here at vortexapp, we have a great team made up of knowledgeable, caring and experienced people, backed up by many technology knowledges, ready to help you meet any challenges.

Call us +1(867)292-1442