Automated license plate recognition (ALPR)

The setup

Two cameras are attached facing the front and the rear of the car that catches the license plate numbers of passing cars. Then the ALPR processors runs the plate numbers and sends them to the VeriPlate application located on the laptop inside the cop’s car.

What does the ALPR do?

Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) is a technology that will allow the police officers to run each license plate in a database list. A sound will alert the officers if there is an issue with this license plate.

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Traditional techniques rely themselves upon instinct. vortexapp's Automated license plate recognition (ALPR) let you become part of this new technological era where almost no error can be made because of "instinct". What is hidden will never be invisible again.

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What information is generated by the software?

The ALPR software instantly checks for information such as expiry date of a license plate, to whom it belongs, if it belongs to a stolen car, the paid and unpaid fines on the license plate and if the license has been suspended for criminal code conviction. If there is any issue regarding this license plate the cops will be notified by a sound alert.

Can this be used in court?

When the officers get a hit, the software automatically generates a report that include the nature of the offence or issue, a picture of the license plate, the action taken by the police officer and their GPS coordinates. This report can be used in court by the officers.

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