Encrypted mobile solution

End-to-End Encryption

Encryption is like wearing protective equipment all the time. It prevents third parties from accessing your data while it travels from you to the intended recipient and vice versa.

Remote Control

With Secure Phone you are in total control of your mobile security. Managed by the Secure Administration System (SAS), you decide what to have or not on your device.

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Our smart encrypted mobile solution offers all the features available on popular mobile devices but with encryption.

- Secure Email: Send PGP encrypted emails
- Secure Chat: Encrypted chat using the OTR protocol
- Secure Voice: Encrypted phone calls using the ZRTP protocol
- Secure Wipe: Erase your data and restore your device to factory settings
- IMSI-catcher detector: Locates fake cell towers
- Secure Firewall: Enterprise firewall on a mobile device
- Secure Backup: Encrypted backup of apps,files,contacts and settings
- Policy Manager: Monitor the changes you make in SAS
- Secure Folder: An encrypted container for file storage
- Secure Notes: A password-protected notepad

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Storage & Data Protection

Secure Phone protects your data from the start with separate passwords for storage encryption and screen lock. What is more, it offers more than 10 ways to wipe your device.

Management Portal

The Secure Administration System (SAS) mobile device management portal gives complete control over Secure Phone. It allows full customization of every functionality and feature of a device or ofmultiple devices. The admin portal will allow you to:

- Do password resets for reactivation
- View active or disabled status of messaging Service
- View user cdreation date
- View the number of active users
- Suspend users
- Remotely wipe a user device – delete all data and disable device
- Verify Pin and Sim
- Verify last message sent
- Verify quantity of messages sent
- See if device is ON or OFF and last contact time
- Verify if any pending data packets to see if device is off or having a messaging issue
- See IT Policy
- Resend IT Policy
- Resend Service Books

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