Police Outfit With Body Worn Cameras

The main objective

The police outfit with body worn camera will help to protect the cops and the citizens. In addition, it will build the sense of trust and legitimacy for the long term. This solution offers security for the police officer and the citizen and will enforce this relationship with trust.


The police outfit with body worn camera will give you the power to have eyes everywhere. Having access to all the cameras in real-time will give you control over any situation before it occurs. Safety of the citizens and the police staff comes first. With this solution, you can have both!

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The cameras feature 8 hours of battery, encrypted memory and are equipped with a front facing screen, one click record trigger, with 260 degree (horizontal) and 60 degree (vertical) viewpoints. Once the cameras are returned to the baseplate, the video files, with encrypted usage logs, are automatically uploaded to secure cloud storage.

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The encrypted memory of the camera saves the video files and their encrypted usages logs so that no one can tamper with them. This encryption allows the files to be safe from any threats even if the camera is damaged or destroyed.

Storage of the video files

After the camera is returned to its baseplate, the video files and the encrypted usage logs are automatically transferred. Then they are automatically uploaded to a secure cloud storage. This will allow you to always keep all the videos that the camera captured and you will never have to miss a moment anymore.

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