Radiological Assessment Display and Control System (RADACS)


The Radiological Assessment Display and Control System (RADACS) is made to collect, manage, store and distribute information from instruments that detects radiations and from other type of analog and digital instruments.


This software features a fast real-time data acquisition and control, a highly reliable communication with remote terminal units, an online database, a multi-user and multi-station interface controlled by user access, an alarm color coding system and much more…

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Major components

The software is based on 4 major components: RADACS server, RADACS database, RADACS client and RADACS client application. The information acquired by the multiple sources go through the RADACS server that will stored in the RADACS database, then the RADACS client will present that information in forms preferred by the user then RADACS client application will show the information required by the client through specialized calculation and reports.

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