Video Surveillance

Live Video Monitoring

Site operators tour cameras several times per hour and respond to analytic-based alarms as they arise. Live Video Monitoring works well on open projects without fencing such as shopping plazas, apartment complexes or low-rise construction sites. Key advantages with live video monitoring include:

- Saving money: Typically 25-50% less expensive than using guards
- Theft reduction: UCIT currently averages 25 police contacts per week
- Peace of mind: Approved by major insurance providers
- Never sleeps: We never take a break from monitoring your site
- Cover many areas: Our technology allows simultaneously access views at any time
- Cannot be intimidated or threatened: Helping ensure the safety of your staff
- Quicker police response: Verified crime in progress means quicker police response times
- Records activities 24/7: Providing video evidence to assist with documenting incidents

Event Based Monitoring

Operators react and respond according to video derived from software analytics or hardware-based sensors on-site. If the operator deems the event is legitimate or requires further investigation they will view cameras live in real-time to determine what actions to take

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Why video analytics is the future of security?

Our proactive live video surveillance solutions can protect your perimeter and secure your assets. When our trained operators see suspicious activity they can activate live voice down audio deterrents to scare away intruders or contact authorities. Take a look at the benefits of partnering with the security industry’s most reputable video monitoring partner.

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Advanced Video Analytics

Software analytics can be added to existing analog or IP cameras, eliminating the need to replace entire systems to benefit from using video analytics. Key advantages of using analytics include:

- Help reduce overall security costs by reducing or eliminating guard costs
- Potentially reduce video monitoring costs by lowering the number of false alarms generated
- Optimize operational processes by creating customized rules and scripts
- Stop threats in advance using directional, object tracking and loitering analytics
- Minimize investigation time with a centralized, searchable database
- Simple installation and no need for additional hardware
- Improve compliance requirements with advanced project management reports
- Increase ROI using additional reporting data to improve marketing strategies

Licence plate video surveillance

Traffic cameras are an innovative and extremely functional use of video surveillance technology in order to improve the security and the well-being of the population.

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